Rapid Response Paramedic Services
is your one stop for medical coverage for all types of special events.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) & Paramedics (EMT-P) that have served in the Denver Metro area for over 20 years.

RRPS bikes, motorcycles and trailer

RRPS is uniquely equipped and certified to provide medical coverage via bicycle, motorcycle and wave runner.

First Aid station/Command Post Services 

RRPS has a fully equipped 8.5’ x 16’trailer that functions as a command post and first aid station.  This allows us to treat event participants in privacy and to coordinate large events that need a command post.

Paramedics and EMTs

All paramedics and EMTs follow the Denver Metro medical protocols and are overseen by a local Emergency Room Physician.  Our physician advisor was once a Paramedic, before becoming an Emergency Room doctor, and he is currently an attending physician in a busy Denver Metropolitan health system.  All Paramedics and EMTs are nationally and/or state certified to practice medicine. 

EMS Cyclists

Each of our Paramedics and EMTs go through a very intense 32 hour training program that certifies them as EMS Cyclists.  This program is developed by the International Police mountain Bike Association (IPMBA).  The course trains them to be experts in slow speed bike handling.  This enhances their ability to respond quickly through large crowds and adverse conditions to provide medical care.  

EMS Motorcyclists 

RRPS can provide Paramedics and EMTs on motorcycles for longer events when faster medical service is required.  All Paramedics and EMTs are motorcycle certified and licensed.

EMS Wave Runner

RRPS has several wave runners to provide coverage during water events and triathlon.  All paramedics and EMTs are water safety trained to provide medical coverage in the water.

Wave Runner